FuelCell Energy’s Plant Meets 2007 Air Emissions Standards in CA

FuelCell Energy’s modular 250-kW Direct FuelCell (DFC) power plant has met the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) stringent distributed generation emissions standards for 2007, qualifying the DFC300MA power plant for state-sponsored economic incentives.

By meeting this standard, the Company’s DFC300MA power plant is categorized as an ‘ultra-clean’ distributed generation technology, exempting it from air quality district permitting requirements. The certification also qualifies the Company’s products for preferential rate treatment by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) including the elimination of exit fees and standby charges for customer electric generation. “This certification ensures our customers in California continue to have access to certain incentive funding for purchasing our DFC power plants, which we believe will further drive repeatable business in our second largest geographic market,” said R. Daniel Brdar, FuelCell Energy’s President and COO. “These incentives and preferential rate treatment, combined with our cost-reduction efforts, allow us to provide end-users with reliable firm base load power with more control of their energy costs.” The California Self Generation Program (SGIP) provides $400 million per year of incentive funding for renewable and ultra-clean technologies on the basis of $2500/kW for DFC products operating on natural gas and $4500/kW for our DFC products operating on renewable fuels such as anaerobic gas from wastewater treatment facilities. The DFC300MA joins FuelCell Energy’s other DFC products that previously attained this certification.
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