Fuel Cells Unveiled for Educational Purposes

August 14, 2003 {SolarAccess.com] Anuvu Incorporated, a developer and supplier of fuel cell products, has announced the first commercially available, industrial quality 1.5 kW fuel cells for educational institutions and research-based organizations. Anuvu will provide the same fuel cells it currently uses to power vehicles, boats and off grid power generation for research and hands-on laboratory teaching applications. Anuvu’s Power-X fuel cells are already being used by Kettering University and leading research facilities in Italy and Brazil. At its campus in Flint, Michigan, Kettering (formerly General Motors Institute) is using Anuvu’s fuel cells for in-house research and teaching of educational seminars that instruct students on appropriate design considerations for fuel cells in transportation applications. In addition to workshops and seminars, Kettering’s multi-year program includes plans to adapt the popular EV1 electric vehicle into a fuel cell battery electric hybrid zero emission vehicle.
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