Fuel Cells for Military Radios

Harris Corporation a supplier of software-defined tactical radios for worldwide defense forces and MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. (MTI Micro), a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Inc. have announced an agreement for the development of micro fuel cell system prototypes for potential use in Harris’ tactical radios.

Rochester, New York – November 21, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Under the agreement, Harris will purchase direct methanol fuel cell system prototypes from MTI Micro with delivery from MTI Micro scheduled for early in 2003. “Today’s military radio designs incorporate advanced capabilities like networking and encryption in a very small package,” said David Stephenson, vice president, marketing and new business initiatives for Harris, RF Communications Division. “MTI’s micro fuel cells represent new power sources that can extend operating time while optimizing performance.” A micro fuel cell is an energy-generating device that creates power through the chemical reaction of a fuel in the presence of a catalyst. MTI’s micro fuel cell’s small weight and size further reduce the weight a soldier needs to carry onto the battlefield. The cell’s methanol fuel can have an energy density of up to 10 times that of current battery technologies and the micro fuel cell can be fueled instantly, eliminating the need to plug in a charger or wait for a lengthy recharge. “We have always seen our micro fuel cell systems as a strong future power source for military and portable consumer electronics applications,” said William Acker, MTI Micro president and chief executive officer. “As part of our micro fuel cell commercialization strategy, our work with Harris will help develop a versatile technology platform capable of addressing a wide range of military needs from accessories to battery replacements.” Access:
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