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Briefly Noted … Worldwide Renewable Energy News

– The Long Island Power Authority has installed 55 of 75 fuel cells at its West Babylon substation. The 5 kW units from Plug Power are feeding electricity into the LIPA grid. – Four companies in Germany will launch fuel cells in the residential and industrial market by 2005, and they will combine their research resources to implement fuel cell technology. Regional utility EWE, Mannheim city utility MVV, and two gas distributors, Ruhrgas AG and VNG AG, believe that fuel cells will have a market after 2005. – A self-renewing fuel cell backup power system has been developed by Hydrogenics Corp of Canada. The PEM fuel cell system is a stationary power product co-developed with General Motors to provide backup power storage across multiple markets, starting with the telecom industry. A prototype can deliver 25 kW output and has regenerative capabilities. An integrated electrolyzer recharges the hydrogen supply after grid power has been re-established, providing a low maintenance self-fueling system. – Metallic Power, a developer of regenerative zinc/air fuel cells, says it has demonstrated a 2.5 kW backup power source. At the company’s facilities in Carlsbad, California, it powered a variety of electronic equipment, cooling systems and electrical test loads with both AC and DC voltage for up to five hours with the rack mounted prototypes. Tests included validation of the on-board regeneration capabilities that enable recycling of the high energy density zinc fuel to provide eight hours of backup power. – Manhattan Scientifics Inc has tested an electric scooter that is powered by the company’s 3 kW fuel cell. The vehicle is fueled by hydrogen, and production models will cover 120 miles with a top speed of 35 mph. Last year, the company unveiled the Hydrocycle, a fuel cell bicycle. – Canadian hydrogen company, Stuart Energy Systems Corp, will work with the large publicly listed infrastructure company in Hong Kong, Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, to become a hydrogen solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific market. The companies have signed a letter of intent to pursue and penetrate the market for medium- to large-scale hydrogen back-up power solutions, using Stuart’s proprietary water electrolysis technology. The agreement calls for the purchase of at least 2,750 hydrogen power solutions by 2004, representing US$400 million in revenue over the seven-year project. – Actor Dennis Weaver is at the wheel of a hydrogen car in his ‘Drive for Life’ to alert the United States that it must move to an energy source that is independent of foreign supply and one that will preserve the environment. His campaign started at the California Speedway near Los last month, with Weaver driving a hybrid hydrogen-powered vehicle to Las Vegas as an entrant in the Michelin challenge Bibendum 2001. The vehicle has been retrofitted to use hydrogen and other types of alternative fuels and produce low emissions. Sixty non-convention fueled cars will take part in the event.
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