Fuel Cell Upgrade for the RV Crowd

August 3, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Life on the road could last a little longer for road trip enthusiasts with a fuel cell upgrade to the SFC A50 from Smart Fuel Cell (SFC). The fuel cell is designed for recreational vehicles and mobile homes, and weighs approximately seven kilograms with a power output of 50 W. A five-liter methanol fuel cartridge powers the cell, and can deliver 100 Ah of electricity to the battery daily for a five to ten day period – depending on the season and personal consumption. Power supply is fully automatic due to a charge controller that is activated for a battery recharge whenever the voltage drops below a certain level. The fuel cells convert liquid methanol directly into electricity using a low temperature electrochemical process. SFC has developed the A50 fuel cell together with Hymer, a German manufacturer of RVs.
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