Fuel Cell System Fusion

Milan, Italy – July 1, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Commercial water heating systems in Japan will get a boost from fuel cells made in Italy now that Nuvera Fuel Cells and Takagi Industrial have agreed to develop fuel cell-based cogeneration systems for the Japanese market. Takagi, a manufacturer of commercial and residential water heating products, will integrate its heat management system with Nuvera’s 5 kW Avanti fuel cell power system, which uses natural gas to generate hot water and electricity. Field trials for the systems should start in 2005, and the companies expect to start commercial sales by 2007. “Fuel cell cogeneration systems will allow the next large improvements in overall efficiency of water heating systems,” said Gunji Kawashima, president of Takagi. “These efficiency improvements will result in lower running costs and environmental impact.”
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