Fuel Cell Software Acquired by Whistler

Whistler, Inc. has announced that it has acquired 100 percent interest and the worldwide rights to the INTUITION technology software platform for the fuel cell industry. INTUITION was developed by EYEKON Technologies, which is currently being used by some of North America’s largest process and manufacturing plants for process optimization.

SACRAMENTO, California – April 19, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The INTUITION technology is a first-of-its-kind simulation and 3-D visualization technology that utilizes embedded artificial intelligence to deliver optimized solutions. The software platform developed by EYEKON will be used by Whistler for designing, analyzing, and comparing different power-plant configurations and design specifications for their existing PEM fuel cell technology. The INTUITION system also uses advanced intelligent technologies to offer solutions to complex design problems and to improve system efficiencies. Once complete, the software can supply variable information on Whistler’s fuel cell design processes expediting testing of the following: fuel cell stacks and hydrogen and oxygen flows; anodic, cathodic and electrolytic reactions and components of the cell; solid and organic electrolytes; hydrogen storage materials; density and thickness of heat exchanger walls; hydrogen separation and cleaning membranes; integration of the optimization systems; thermodynamic and component materials; fuel, feed rates, and component performance along with other elements. The software system can also allow Whistler’s designers to solve for many different system configurations within a virtual environment, without the time prohibitive design- build-test cycle currently used in the industry. INTUITION will seek to create knowledge within Whistler’s Fuel cell design by assisting in design improvements to the fuel cell stack and sub-system designs, considering both the design and manufacturing arenas. These improvements may include electrical power generation performance enhancements while further reducing manufacturing costs and the overall weight of the existing fuel cell system. The use of the INTUITION software platform will enable Whistler to begin mass production of the Carbon-X fuel cells ahead of schedule. The world wide rights for the INTUITION software platform, limited to the fuel cell technology, can and will be marketed to other companies that are not directly competing with Whistler, Inc.
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