Fuel Cell Propulsion for Planes

September 17, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] UQM Technologies, a developer of alternative energy, announced that one of the company’s electric propulsion systems will be used in a special project involving Boeing and five other companies to develop and flight test an electric motor driven airplane powered by fuel cells. The UQM electric propulsion system is being supplied by Advanced Technology Products, who is responsible for supplying the electric motors, controllers and batteries to be used in the project and for flight-testing the fuel cell powered airplane. Work to integrate the fuel cells into the demonstrator airplane, which is based on a certified Diamond Katana H-36 Xtreme motor-glider (in Europe called the Super Dimona), is expected to begin this month. The E-Plane, is being developed by Advanced Technology Products, the non-profit Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology Education (FASTec), and a consortium of sponsoring companies. NASA is providing funding for the development of the fuel cell system.
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