Fuel Cell-powered Vehicles Tested at Vancouver Airport

To support a project by General Hydrogen Corporation at the Vancouver International Airport designed to examine the use of fuel-cell power packs in “tuggers” that tow baggage to and from aircraft, the Government of Canada allocated $867,000 through the Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance, in cooperation with Air Canada.

“Airports worldwide are looking for a variety of ways to reduce emissions and improve productivity,” said Frank Trotter, President and CEO of General Hydrogen. “Most baggage tuggers have diesel engines and are required to go in and out of terminals and service buildings. We believe we will demonstrate that electric tuggers powered with our power packs are more efficient.” General Hydrogen’s power packs contain Ballard Power Systems’ fuel cells, and run for up to three times longer on a single fueling than their battery-powered equivalents. They have all the benefits of lead-acid batteries and none of the disadvantages. General Hydrogen Corporation is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, and specializes in fuel-cell power systems and hydrogen fuelling solutions for industrial vehicles and other off-road equipment. Started six years ago by Dr. Geoffrey Ballard and Paul Howard, two of the original founders of Ballard Power Systems, it is an active member of Canada’s Hydrogen Highway initiative. The Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance, a Government of Canada initiative managed by Natural Resources Canada, works with its many Canadian partners in industry, government and universities to support responsible development.
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