Fuel Cell Investor Conference in Philadelphia

February 17, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Strategic Research Institute will present the 4th Annual Fuel Cell Investor Conference, March 25 & 26, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year’s agenda will focus on the industry’s move towards commercialization as well as exploring investment strategies. This gathering is designed for investors to see first hand how fuel cell technology can create investment opportunities. Industry leaders are invited to learn where the rest of the industry is headed and to gain insight into financing practices. Both stationery and portable (micro) fuel cell sections of the market will be able to benefit from expert presentations and networking opportunities. The line-up of presenters comprise of leaders from the fuel cell, alternative energy and investment communities. They will share with the audience, experiences from the commercialization of fuel cell products to investment trends and opportunities that are attainable in the fuel cell market.
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