Fuel-Cell Component Technology Goes Live

Dana Corp. announced that it is helping to advance the commercialization of fuel cells by supplying products to fuel-cell manufacturer Plug Power.

“Dana’s relationship with Plug Power is mutually beneficial, because both companies share a commitment to making fuel cells affordable and available commercially,” said Michael J. Burns, Dana chairman and CEO. “With rising energy costs and the rapid advancement of technology, the viability of this alternative fuel source is appealing.” Dana currently supplies bipolar plates for Plug Power’s commercially released fuel cells and is collaborating on the development of thermal management products for Plug Power’s next generation prime power fuel cells. The durability of these products, their lightweight design, and reliability have reduced the cost per kilowatt, which is necessary for market acceptance. Dana believes its proprietary, cost-effective manufacturing process for its bipolar plates is the first of its kind for mass-producing fuel-cell components. Dana develops and manufactures fuel-cell stack, balance-of-plant, and fuel-processor components for portable, small stationary, and automotive applications.
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