Fuel Cell Company Formed to Focus on Hydrogen

MesoSystems Technology, Inc., an Albuquerque-based air quality sampling products company, has formed MesoFuel, Inc., a fuel cell-related technology company.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – June 11, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Former Sandia National Laboratories microsystems developer Ned A. Godshall, Ph.D. was named Chief Executive Officer. As part of the spinout, several of MesoFuel’s key employees were transferred from MesoSystems, where the proprietary technology was developed during the past two years. “MesoFuel will concentrate on overcoming the last remaining critical problem that’s holding back fuel cells from becoming common in the marketplace – the safe and low-cost availability of the hydrogen fuel itself,” said Godshall. “The issue of hydrogen fuel delivery hasn’t been adequately addressed, and we see our expertise using micro-technology for hydrogen generation as key to enabling this industry.” Fuel cell technology and the ‘hydrogen economy’ are widely considered to be the future to solving the worldwide energy demands because of their environmentally benign characteristics and the high efficiency with which fuel cells directly convert hydrogen into electricity and water. The current U.S. and worldwide markets for fuel cells remain extremely limited, though, by intrinsic difficulties in the safety and distribution of transporting hydrogen gas. “The hydrogen economy is poised to explode once the development of small, low-cost, on-demand hydrogen generators becomes feasible,” said Godshall. “Unlike burning our fossil fuels – which we do with almost all the oil we pump from the ground – a fuel cell directly converts the fuel into electricity, which is the optimum form of energy” according to Godshall. “That’s why fuel cells are also viewed to be instrumental in reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”
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