Fuel Cell Boat to be Launched

Millennium Cell Inc. has teamed up with Seaworthy Systems and Duffy Electric Boat Company in a demonstration project for California’s Center for the Commercial Deployment of Transportation Technologies (CCDoTT) to show the utility of hydrogen fuel for generating power for ships and facilities in ports.

Eatontown, New Jersey – April 17, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] The first boat is expected to be in use in Newport Beach, California harbor in August of this year. The Millennium Cell Hydrogen on Demand system will be installed in a 22-passenger water taxi from Duffy Electric Boat Co. The water taxi will serve the public 10 to 12 hours daily. Seaworthy Systems will provide system integration and engineering for Millennium Cell’s technology. This project comes at a time when many ports in the United States are well in excess of Environmental Protection Agency air and water quality standards, and are facing significant fines or even closure. Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen On Demand system is a recyclable, clean-burning energy source that can be used with fuel cells and gas and diesel turbine engines. The only emissions are water vapor. “Seaworthy has provided excellent leadership in creating this joint venture and we’re confident that we can demonstrate a reduction in air and water pollution so necessary to today’s port facilities,” said Rex E. Luzader, vice president, Business Development for Transportation and Hydrogen-Fuel Infrastructure. Millennium Cell’s hydrogen fuel system minimizes many of the logistical issues associated with hydrogen as it is compatible with the existing infrastructure for liquid petroleum fuels, produces about the same amount of energy per gallon as that of gasoline, and is completely safe to produce, store and transport. Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand system generates hydrogen from sodium borohydride, which is derived from sodium borate, commonly known as borax. Dissolved in water and passed through a proprietary catalyst chamber, the sodium borohydride releases a perfect stream of pure hydrogen – on demand – to power a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine. The fuel’s byproduct is water and borax.
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