Ford’s UAW agreement lists changes to its electric car production

Following the 40-day strike by United Auto Workers, Ford Motor Co.’s tentative agreement with the union may signal a shift in its plans for making electric vehicles.

According to reports, a plan to bring electric vehicle manufacturing to a Flat Rock, Mich. plant that’s currently set up to build Ford Mustangs and Lincoln Continentals could be changing. Originally, Ford planned to make this switch in production in 2023.

Under the new agreement, Ford will, according to the UAW, keep making Mustangs and Continentals at the Flat Rock plant. Ford officials are not commenting on this.

A new all-electric Transit van will be built at Ford’s Kansas City plant that currently builds gas-powered versions of the vehicle. Ford previously announced that a plug-in hybrid version of the Transit would be sold in Europe, but not in the US. An electric F-150 truck is also in the pipeline.

Ford’s Ohio assembly plant, will build a new product, but the deal does not specify what it is, but it apparently requires $900 million in new investments.

Ford will also be building a new “performance” electric sport utility vehicle to be unveiled later this month. Reports are that the vehicle’s design will mimic the current design of the Ford Mustang.

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