Ford Fuel Cell Vehicles Fueled by Portable System

The new Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) will brave the desert heat this summer to undergo rigorous testing, thanks in part to a unique portable hydrogen fueling station developed by Stuart Energy Systems. The Community Fueler Portable 450 (CFP-450), to be stationed at Ford’s Arizona Proving Grounds, will supply clean hydrogen fuel to support testing of the new Focus FCV and other Ford hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

TORONTO, Ontario – May 3, 2002 [] The most significant challenge facing the introduction of a high-volume production fuel cell vehicle is providing hydrogen to the fuel cell stacks. Direct hydrogen provides the greatest environmental benefit and the simplest fuel cell system design, but it requires the development of hydrogen infrastructure. The CFP-450 is a unique hydrogen infrastructure solution, developed by Stuart Energy, which integrates hydrogen generation equipment, storage, and dual pressure (3600 psig & 5000 psig) dispensing. These components are mounted on a single trailer and packaged to enable the system to be easily transported. The CFP-450 can produce 1 kg of hydrogen an hour and can fuel up to 50 vehicles a week. Using this system, filling up with hydrogen will take about the same time as filling up with gasoline today. The Focus FCV, introduced at the 2002 New York International Auto Show, is a prototype of the groundbreaking fuel cell vehicle that Ford will begin building in 2004. Based on the world’s best-selling car, the Focus FCV is one of the industry’s first “hybridized fuel cell vehicles” – which combines the improved range and performance of hybrid technology with the overall benefits of a fuel cell. The Focus FCV is part of an experimental fleet, which will help prove out the technology as part of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. In all, five Focus FCV’s will be produced this year for testing and demonstration – leading up to low-volume customer production by 2004. These cars will be driven thousands of miles to help make mass production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a reality. “The CFP-450 is the ideal solution to meet early hydrogen infrastructure needs. It’s portable, so it provides our customers the flexibility they need now, enabling them access to hydrogen fuel anywhere, anytime” said Jon Slangerup, President and CEO of Stuart Energy. “We are focused on developing products where there is a clear market need. Working with our partners and customers, we are creating and marketing innovative products for both the transportation and power markets.” “At Ford, we believe fuel cells are the only technology today with the potential to someday replace the internal combustion engine,” said Bruce Kopf, director of Ford’s TH!NK Technologies. “Hydrogen holds the clearest promise to be the fuel for future FCV’s. This portable fueler will play an integral role in the testing and development of our fuel cell fleet and bring us one step closer to making fuel cell vehicles viable for customers.” Stuart Energy will be demonstrating a CFP-450 at the upcoming World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Montreal in June 2002.
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