Flexcar Challenge Underway in D.C.

September 9, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Seattle-based Flexcar, a car-sharing company, kicked-off the Flexcar Challenge, Friday. The month-long event pits 12 Washington, D.C.-area residents against the notion that owning a car is a necessity. Participants have handed over their car keys and parking passes and pledged to travel for 30 days only by means of alternative transportation such as bus, train, bicycle, carpool and Flexcar, which provides members with on-demand access to a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles, including gas-electric hybrids, located at or near 20 Metro stations in the DC area. The vehicles are reserved for an hourly fee with Flexcar covering the cost of the car, gas, parking, insurance and maintenance. Each participant in the challenge will have free limited access to Flexcar vehicles during the promotion. Those who successfully complete the entire month without using their own cars will win a free year’s use of the car-sharing service.


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