First Global Publisher Becomes CarbonNeutral

Boston, Massachusetts [] Blackwell Publishing, with offices in the U.S., UK, Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan and Singapore, claims to be the first global publisher to become CarbonNeutral, thereby making the commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. Blackwell’s CarbonNeutral commitment involves measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, reducing them where possible and then offsetting the unavoidable emissions. In reducing its emissions at the source, the company has reviewed current suppliers in an effort to use environmentally responsible suppliers and partners. Blackwell has pledged not only to neutralize the effects of CO2 emissions from its office operations, but also on all global product shipments. Blackwell is supporting a variety of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable forestry projects in India, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Scotland that will save and absorb one ton of CO2 for every ton the company creates and which will contribute to the sustainability of local communities.
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