Fire Station Uses 10.88 kW PV Hybrid System

A 10.88 kW hybrid system provides power for a fire station dormitory and garage with a combined daily site load of 50 kWh/day.

Mojave National Preserve, California – August 19, 2002 [] Located in Southern California between Highways I-15 and I-10, Mojave National Preserve was established in 1994 through the California Desert Protection Act. The preserve encompasses 1.6 million acres of mountains, jumble rocks, desert washes, and dry lakes. Up to 16 firefighters are stationed at the Hole-in-the-Wall fire station to respond to emergencies in the preserve. The system uses flexible, amorphous-silicon roofing laminates, which were applied to a new metal roof. The system also has a 20 kVA, 208 VAC 3 phase inverter, an industrial flooded battery bank, and an on-demand propane generator. The inverter includes an integral real-time data acquisition system (DAS) and remote control capability that allows SunWize technical staff to monitor and control key system operating parameters from their Kingston, New York headquarters. The system is comprised of 85, 128 watt UNI-SOLAR roofing laminates; 120VDC, 3332 Ah battery bank; 20 kVA, 208 VAC 3 phase inverter; 20 kW LP generator.
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