Financing Plan Helps New Yorkers Acquire Solar Energy

groSolar announced a new plan enabling New Yorkers to bring solar energy to their homes for a nominal increase to their daily utility cost. The financing program, available immediately, will allow New Yorkers to buy a solar electric energy system for their home for as little as 50 cents per day more than their current utility power supply.

“For years, people have said solar energy was too expensive,” groSolar CEO Jeff Wolfe said. “Not anymore, especially not in New York. For the cost of a candy bar, New Yorkers can now improve their energy security and know that their electricity comes from the cleanest source available. They can now have benefits of solar power for an exceptional value.”

Coupled with incentives offered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and applicable federal and State tax credits, rebates to create this new low-cost program for New Yorkers wanting to go solar would become a lot more affordable.

This program will enable homeowners to upgrade their home with a clean, solar electric system that would be connected to the homeowner’s existing utility system, thereby reducing peak load demand, reduce dependence on conventionally generated electricity, and expand the renewable generation market.

The special pricing and financing program is available on three groSolar power systems: 2,040 watts, 3,400 watts and 4,590 watts.

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