European Parliamentarians Adopt Declaration of Berlin 2007

Last week, the 7th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting (IPM) of EUFORES (the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources) brought together over 60 Parliamentarians from EU27 national parliaments as well as the European Parliament to discuss European political challenges in the field of renewable energy.

The high-level meeting in the German Bundestag led to the adoption of the Berlin Declaration 2007 on future EU policies in the field of renewable energy. The Parliamentarians call for a clear and ambitious framework directive on renewable energy and define with the declaration key claims for the design of this new European legislation. (Click here to read the full Declaration of Berlin 2007.)

The European Commission’s proposal is expected on the 5th of December. This will set into legislative form the decision of the 27 EU member states and heads of government of March 2007 to increase the share of renewable energy in the total energy supply to 20% by 2020.

“The Commission’s proposal must guarantee large scale investments in renewable energy sources for all member states in the fields of electricity, heating and cooling as well as fuel. Only with these investments can we ensure complete market penetration and allow all member states to reach their goals,” said Claude Turmes, Vice-President of EUFORES and MEP.

The Presidents of EUFORES are concerned in particular about tendencies within the Commission to introduce mandatory certificate trading schemes for renewable energy. This would endanger the successful feed-in models of Germany and other EU member states such as Spain and Denmark, which have already proven themselves as effective and cost-efficient measures of promoting renewable energy technology.



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