Europe Solar Power Gets Xantrex Inverter

Freiburg, Germany – June 30, 2004 [] Xantrex Technology has developed the GT500E, a 500 kW turnkey system, to be used for medium voltage solar applications in Europe. The system is based on building blocks that are standard for the power distribution business, and has a medium voltage transformer and a gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear. It is designed to reduce losses and provide higher efficiency due to direct transformation to medium voltage level. The GT500E complies with EU standards and the VDEW. A customer service network, based in Germany and Spain, will provide installation and commissioning support, product training, and a hotline for maintenance service across Europe. The GT500E offers standard protection features including over and under voltage and frequency safeguards. Its anti-islanding protection prevents the inverter from feeding power to the grid in the event of a utility outage. The GT500E comes with user interface software for real time communication via PC directly, or via modem connected to the inverter. With user-definable power tracking that matches the inverter to the array and adjustable delay periods, users are able to customize system start up and shut down sequences. Peak efficiency including medium voltage transformer is over 97 percent. Multiple inverters can be paralleled for large power installations.
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