EU to Fund RE in China

European Union External Affairs Commissioner Chris Patten signed an agreement recently for the EU to provide 20 million euros (US$17 million) to China toward a program for improving China’s energy efficiency and ensuring sustainable development, the EU said in a statement.

BEIJING, China April 8, 2002 [] The agreement, signed at the foreign trade ministry here, will kick off a program with a total budget of 40 million euros (US$34million) to help China improve its energy efficiency, focus on Renewable Energy and develop a market for natural gas. “China needs to pay great attention to sustainable energy usage if her spectacular growth rates… are to be maintained without this being at the expense of the environment or people’s health,” Patten said. “The EU has experience in this field and would like to share it to promote China’s sustainable development.” Patten, on an eight-day tour of China, also signed an agreement to encourage the study of European issues in China. Together, the two pacts symbolize “the expanding cooperation between the EU and China, which also includes areas such as economic and social reform… and good governance,” the EU statement said.
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