EU Energy Ministers Support RE

EUFORES is sending the Declaration of Santigo de Compostela to all EU Energy Ministers who are about to meet informally in Pamplona, Spain for a Ministerial Seminar on energy discussing Renewable Energy and energy efficiency in Europe.

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, Spain – April 29, 2002 [] Forty-one Members of the European, National and Regional Parliaments have approved the declaration, approved earlier this month during the Fourth Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on “Renewable Energy Sources in the EU” held in Santiago de Compostela. The declaration of Santiago de Compostela strongly supports the role of Renewable Energy sources as a solution to the two main energy policy concerns of the European Commission: environmental protection and security of supply. Among other recommendations, the Members of Parliament “call for a fair treatment of renewables in the internal market through the internalization of external costs and the progressive reduction of subsidies to the conventional forms of electricity production.” During the opening session of the Inter-parliamentary Meeting, Mrs. Loyola de Palacio, vice-president of the European Commission, confirmed that the European Commission will work on the development of mandatory labeling for all electricity sources to ensure transparency for the final consumer in a liberalized market.


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