EPURON Plans for PV Growth in Greece

EPURON GmbH has set up a new subsidiary EPURON EPE, in Greece, where supportive renewable energy laws are advancing the Greek solar photovoltaic (PV) market.

The Greek subsidiary has requested permits to build large-scale projects with a total output of around 25 megawatt-peak (MWp) to the Greek regulatory authority. The project package requires investments of over Euros 140 million [US$193.5 million].

The development sites are planned to be distributed throughout the regions of Thessaly and Macedonia, which will include sun-tracking and stationary frame systems.

“Like Germany and Spain, we are aiming to lead the development of large-scale photovoltaic systems in Greek market. We are well on the way to achieve this with our project pipeline,” said Thomas-Tim Saevecke, EPURON, photovoltaics.

The Greek subsidiary will use Conergy components for its solar projects. Conergy has been active in the Greek market since 2004 and has considerable solar energy systems sales. Conergy is constructing one of the most advanced solar factories in the world near Frankfurt (Oder). The factory will have an annual production volume of 250 MW.

Thanks to attractive feed-in tariffs, the Greek market is highly promising for renewable energy development. A new grid supply law was passed in Greece last year. This will support an increase of photovoltaic capacity to a peak output of 700 MW in the next few years. Plants generating 500 MW are expected build on the mainland while 200 MW plants will build on the Greek islands.

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