Enova Teams with Ford on Fuel Cell Car

Enova Systems has announced that their latest cutting edge Hybrid Power Converter “HPC” is a key component of the Ford Motor Company’s newest zero-emission fuel cell vehicle, the Ford Focus FCV, which was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show last week.

TORRANCE, California – April 11, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The unveiling of the Enova component – deemed a “mission critical application” by Enova – is the latest milestone in an ongoing strategic relationship between the Torrance-based energy technology company and the global automaker. It represents successful fulfillment of the initial phase of the contract between Enova and Ford TH!NK Technologies for development and manufacture of the high-power, high-voltage conversion module for the Focus FCV. The HPC module transfers power between the fuel cell, the drive system and the battery and assists in energy recovery during regenerative braking. The source of propulsion power is therefore transparent to the driver, allowing the driver to concentrate on normal vehicle operation. Ford reported that the Focus FCV will be powered by a combination of electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology. The FCV also includes a 300-volt Sanyo battery pack, a brake-by-wire hydraulic regenerative braking system and a hydrogen storage tank. The vehicle’s fuel cell is a Ballard Mark 902 system. Ford officials said the vehicle can achieve a top speed of about 80 miles per hour, with a driving range of between 160 and 200 miles. According to Ford, a total of five Focus FCVs will be produced for testing and demonstration this year, with initial production expected to commence in 2004. Enova’s HPC program with Ford will continue through 2004, providing Ford with 150 units or more for test and evaluation. “Our continuing alliance with Ford Motor Company is a mainstay in Enova’s global strategy to increase awareness of our company’s leading edge technologies in mobile and stationary digital power management and conversion,” said Carl Perry, Enova’s President and CEO. “We believe the HPC is a versatile component which can be adapted for both automotive and distributed generation applications. Enova is proud to be a supplier to Ford for this ground breaking vehicle which will increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.”
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