Energy Visions Plans for Hybrid Battery and Fuel Cell System

Energy Visions Inc. (“EVI”) has announced that it has modeled a Hybrid System using a combination of the company’s proprietary technologies, the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) and Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn) battery. The company believes a properly integrated Hybrid System will offer the first all-electric option that provides both the performance and economics to meet market requirements.

OTTAWA, Ontario – June 17, 2002 [] “As part of our ongoing research into alternate energy systems, EVI has been developing a system that can use existing fueling infrastructures to save the time and cost of developing a hydrogen system,” said Wayne Hartford, President of EVI. “We have been reviewing the performance and costs required for fuel cell commercialization and believe the EVI Hybrid System can reduce the costs by a factor of five versus projections using fuel cell power exclusively. We are forecasting an initial prototype demonstration of this concept in approximately 12 months.” The EVI DMFC system operates directly on methanol extracting hydrogen without a fuel reformer. Using the golf cart as an example, the company believes the initial cost of the EVI Hybrid System would be competitive in price with the lead-zinc battery systems currently in use, would weigh less than half, and most importantly, would eliminate the substantial downtime required to recharge. The company believes the selective integrated combination of the EVI DMFC and Ni-Zn battery offers the advantages of low cost, high efficiency mobile electric power. Dr. Karl Kordesch, Professor Emeritus of the University of Graz in Austria and EVI Technical Advisor, presented the current state of the EVI systems at the US Military hosted conference in Cherry Hill, New Jersey recently. EVI believes the DMFC-NiZn hybrid offers the potential for a first to market all-electric hybrid solution for the military and other portable power applications such as golf carts, lift-trucks, people movers, and scooters. Access:
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