Energy Plan Reaction: Policy is Strong Start to Solving Energy Crisis

The proposed energy policy tackles the energy challenges facing the United States and recognizes that you can’t fuel growth in the new economy with policies and assumptions from the old one, according to the Alliance for Energy & Economic Growth.

WASHINGTON, DC, US, 2001-05-18 <> “It proposes a sensible mix of conservation and production, and also promotes new technologies that promise greater efficiency and environmental protection,” says Bruce Josten of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “It asks Americans to use energy efficiently and at the same time to recognize that we need to produce more of it.” “The plan would literally give power to the people – to American consumers and businesses who need it to light their offices, heat and cool their homes, power their plants and drive their cars, ” he adds. “We urge Congress to implement a bipartisan national energy plan that promotes the energy supplies that Americans need while ensuring the quality of our environment.” AEEC members include manufacturers and energy generators from the natural gas, oil, coal and nuclear industries.

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