Energy Plan Reaction: Plan Harms Canada and the Climate

The policy’s strategy to produce more oil and natural gas in Canada to meet U.S. demand will cause greenhouse gas emissions to rise dramatically in both countries, says the David Suzuki Foundation.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, CA, 2001-05-18 <> “Canada has to say no to this short-sighted and damaging plan,” says the group’s Gerry Scott. “America’s increasingly wasteful use of fossil fuels is damaging the environment in every country in the world. Canada can’t be a party to that damage.” “What’s needed is a plan that emphasizes energy efficiency and new, renewable energy sources,” he adds. “That is where we can cooperate with the U.S.” The 1997 Kyoto Protocol obliges Canada to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2012. Emissions currently are 20 percent above that level, and Scott explains that boosting oil and gas production to meet U.S. demand “drives us even further off course from our international commitments to reduce emissions.” “Mr. Bush has the opportunity to embrace energy efficiency and develop renewables,” adds Scott. “The American approach will drive up energy prices in Canada, increase our greenhouse gas emissions and slow progress towards clean air and clean energy.”

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