Energy Group Hosts Workshop on Energy Crisis

An international organization has presented a seminar in Los Angeles on green homes and the energy crisis in California.

LOS ANGELES, California – Global Green USA, the U.S. affiliate of Green Cross International, works with the building industry and state and local governments to promote energy- and resource-efficient buildings and policies that encourage sustainable development. Green Cross is an environmental organization headed by former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev. “The energy crisis has truly awakened people to the importance of being energy-conscious in their homes and places of work,” says the group’s executive director Matt Petersen. “Green building’s life-cycle cost savings, coupled with health and environmental benefits, make it a slam-dunk.” The California group has hosted workshops and training for affordable housing developers and architects nationwide and has produced several publications that address green building issues. The ‘Creating Green Homes’ workshop series addressed specific solutions to improve energy efficiency and conservation in addition to providing tools and resources that assist in helping to accomplish these goals. “I applaud Global Green’s efforts and look forward to the day when green building practices are commonplace in all city facilities,” says City Councillor Ruth Galanter. She and Councillor Mark Ridley-Thomas spoke at the workshops. Workshop topics included residential insulating to maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs through lower utility bills, designing homes to utilize passive solar gain by maximizing the sun’s heat, improving indoor air quality by using non-toxic building materials, and financial incentives for implementing these techniques. The workshops were hosted in partnership with the City of Los Angeles’ Housing Department & Environmental Affairs Department. “As homebuilders and homeowners, we must find ways to work together to become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly,” says Ridley-Thomas. “The energy crisis over the last few months has reminded us that forward-thinking strategies can help fend off any potential energy problems in the future.”

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