Energy Efficient Lighting for a School in Sudan

Precision Paragon is pleased to announce that all of the lighting materials for The Engineering a Brighter Sudan Project, are shipping and will be on their way to Sudan later this month. The system will be installed when the engineering team returns to Sudan next summer. According to Lou Preston, [P2]’s National Marketing Director,  the school should be up and fully functional by the fall.

Engineering a Brighter Sudan

The Engineering a Brighter Sudan project has a goal of bringing electricity to a primary school in the village of Theou, Sudan. The project includes solar power generation, battery storage, a public charging station and lighting in the primary school. The project consists of four University of San Diego (USD) senior engineering students; Emmett Perl, Enrique Rayon, Michael Rios, and Mou Riiny.

Precision Paragon offered our expertise by designing the lighting system for all the school’s classrooms as well as its sports field and donated the lighting fixtures. “Energy-efficient lights are an important piece of the project because they affect the overall size of the system and the cost of the project,” said  Emmett Perl, one of the students leading the project.

“Engineering a Brighter Sudan aims to spark the opportunity for progress and social development that South Sudan desperately needs by bringing sustainable electricity to schools and communities in the region. Electricity carries with it a world of benefits for these rural villages, including the alleviation of poverty, reduction of illiteracy, and help for the local economy by providing opportunities for entrepreneurship. By giving these people the tools for progress, we can help a newly independent South Sudan prosper as a country.”


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