Energy Efficiency Ad Campaign Launched

April 9, 2002 [] The Alliance to Save Energy has launched a newspaper advertising campaign highlighting consumer savings from a key energy-efficiency provision in the Senate’s energy bill. The provision, which would raise air conditioner efficiency by 30 percent, could be debated as soon as April 9, when the Senate resumes debate on the bill (S. 517). The ads feature a talking central air conditioning unit proclaiming the annual savings that consumers will see on their electric utility bills if the Senate resists pressure from special interests and retains the energy-saving provision: US$30 million in Arizona; more than US$70 million in Georgia; US$9 million in Nevada; US$3 million in Oregon; and US$5 million in Utah. Nationwide, the savings would reachUS$1 billion annually by 2020 when use of the more-efficient units would be widespread.
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