Energy Bundled Services in Homes

Homes with Broadband and Solar PV

The number of homes with BOTH broadband and solar PV doubled in the last two years as the number of broadband households that have adopted rooftop solar PV panels grew to 4 percent cross nation by the end of 2015. In addition to this growth, seven percent of U.S. broadband households said they plan to purchase solar panels in the next 12 months, according to new research from Parks Associates, an industry consultancy firm.

According to Parks Associates, consumers are interested in taking an active role in the distributed electricity grid with 40 percent of United States broadband households showing a growing interest in the ability to manage and monitor their electricity usage, store unused electricity and sell it back to the grid.

However, the enthusiasm for investing in solar and storage is not excluding the same consumers’ interest in alternative renewables solutions, as a similar percentage of U.S. broadband households seemingly interested in buying a wind turbine or interested in an electric vehicle, with viable options for electric vehicles far more readily available than small wind generation for each individual households.

Solar Panels and Energy Storage

Even so, the growing interest in rooftop solar PV indicates that energy consumers have become much more aware of solar energy and interested in different ways to integrate it into their households, preferring to buy or borrow towards the panels rather than entering leasing arrangements as the less popular choice across the board for home energy solutions, including the financing of solar panels and energy storage.

Consumers seem increasingly interested in solar as a packaged offering, particularly with their existing electricity bill. To take advantage of combined packaged offerings, some utilities are launching their own rooftop solar businesses while independent solar providers are providing additional offerings, such as smart thermostats, battery storage products and internet services.

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