Enel Named Amongst the Top 12 Corporate Startup Stars

by Nicholar Nhede

Italian multinational utility Enel has been recognized as one of the world’s most active companies in the open innovation field.

Enel has been named amongst the “Top 12 Corporate Startup Stars” by the European Commission’s Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) by receiving the “Corporate Startup Procurement” award.

The award recognizes commitments by firms to creating high-value relationships with the most promising innovation companies.

Enel has evaluated 4,000 start-ups and invested with around 180 of the companies. Globally, the Enel Group has scaled up its partnership with 50 of these startups.

Through its crowdsourcing platform “Openinnovability.com”, Enel collected 1,300 solutions from 70 countries to address 40 known challenges. The Openinnovability is a community of 400,000 problem solvers.

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Ernesto Ciorra, Enel’s chief Innovability officer, said:  “Today’s awards underscore Enel’s strong commitment to creating an innovative and sustainable business model we are particularly proud of, a model that we implement with dedication so that it can grow further and take on new challenges. This is the only way for Open Innovability to bear its fruit.

“Startups are a key component of this ecosystem, as they allow us to take the lead in several new technologies and business opportunities, while at the same time we help them grow and access capital markets, including venture capital.

We are also a strategic partner to 12 of the world’s leading universities, including MIT and Berkeley, as well as Milan and Turin’s polytechnic universities, with which we maintain a constant and multidisciplinary dialogue on energy challenges so as to create a sustainable business model.”

The Corporate Startup Stars awards are now on its third edition.

SEP was established by the European Commission in January 2014 at the World Economic Forum to connect leading multinationals with the best startups.

This article was first published by Smart Energy International and was reprinted with permission.

eMotorworks, an Enel Group company, is presenting at next week’s POWER-GEN International in a webcast entitled, EVs and Beyond: Innovations Advancing the Power Generation Industry.

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