Emerging Renewables Program Gets a Boost

Wednesday, the California Energy Commission (CEC) re-allocated $45 million more into the Emerging Renewables Program (ERP) account – $30 million from the Customer Credit Account, and $15 million from the Existing Account, according to McCabe, of Energy Ideas, LLC. The ERP has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant grid-tied solar electric market in California. Since the start of the Renewable Energy Program, the Emerging account has grown from an initial earmarked amount of $98 million, to an accumulative, including yesterday’s decision, of $283 million. “These monies are not easily obtained,” said McCabe. “They take a political commitment to support the emerging technologies over more seasoned renewable technologies. While the ERP has had its starts-and-stops, and on-going challenges, the success of the program is un-mistakable. Ideally the solar industry will make effective use of the remaining funds, building a sustainable, unsubsidized solar energy market in California.” More information on the ERP can be found at the following link.

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