Electro Power Systems SpA (ElectroPS) has been selected by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer 2012

Prestigious award recognizes the company’s unique vision, pragmatic execution and its ElectroSelf fuel cell system, one of the most innovative technologies of 2011 – Bangalore, 5 September, 2011 – Electro Power Systems SpA (ElectroPS) has been selected by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer 2012, a prestigious award granted to visionary companies whose cutting edge technologies are transforming business and society. The honor was presented in recognition of the company’s use of fuel cell technology to provide clean back-up power, and power grid/renewables extension and optimization, anywhere in the world.

An integral part of the ElectroPS advantage is the ElectroSelf fuel cell system, the World’s only self-recharging, logistics-free backup power solution. ElectroSelf is an enabling technology for Distributed Energy. It significantly increases the value of small-scale renewables infrastructures by minimizing the mismatch in energy production and consumption. It does this by efficiently storing energy from the grid or when renewables are plentiful, and instantaneously releasing energy whenever there is a power dip or outage.

“Electro Power Systems has successfully deployed trial systems in India since August 2010 and is in advanced discussions with some service providers for large scale commercial deployment here. The company also has put in plans to achieve a high level of localisation for it’s unique ‘self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell system’ which it targets to position in this market, ”  says Adriano Marconetto, founder and CEO, Electro Power Systems SpA. “It is a great honour to witness a remarkable growth and to have selected by the World Economic Forum as one of its Technology Pioneers; this attests the distinctiveness of our technology and our team.”

For More Details: http://www.electrops.it/

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