Electric Motorbike Debuts

Nova Cruz Products has announced the debut of the Voloci electric motorbike, a lightweight, high-performance motorbike that defines a new category of vehicle. By combining cutting edge technology, a whisper-quiet electric drive, and an elegant all-aluminum frame, Nova Cruz Products has developed a zero emissions vehicle that offers exceptional power, comfort, convenience and style.

DOVER, New Hampshire April 9, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The Voloci motorbike has a top speed of 30 mph, accelerates to 20 mph in just five seconds and features a powerful, brushless motor that carries an adult rider up a 25 percent grade. With its high-efficiency microprocessor-controlled drive system, the Voloci has a range of up to 50 miles depending on battery configuration and riding conditions. The Voloci is available with two different battery options: a Sealed Lead Acid System (list price US$1995) and a Nickel Metal Hydride System (list price US$2495). Both battery systems deliver superior performance and can be charged in 2-3 hours. With either system, a full charge requires only about US 5¢ worth of electricity. The 20 lb Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack is fully removable and exchangeable, allowing the rider to transport only the battery for recharging. With the Nickel Metal-Hydride system, the Voloci can also be configured with a second optional battery pack for maximum range. With its triple-clamp front suspension fork and a unique patent-pending rear suspension (similar to technology used in Formula One race cars), the Voloci has crisp handling and a plush ride unlike any motorbike in its class. The Voloci electric motorbike also features front and rear dual piston disc brakes that provide safe, effective braking. The Voloci is fully street legal and meets all federal motor vehicle safety standards. In most locations, the Voloci can be ridden without a motorcycle license. The Voloci is optimized for commutes and errands in urban and suburban areas and offers flexibility previously unavailable within the motorbike category. Riders have the option to safely and conveniently store the Voloci motorbike indoors and can easily transport the Voloci in the back of a car or on a carrying rack. Unlike any other 50cc-class motorbike, the Voloci can be outfitted with an off-road package that delivers higher torque, superior suspension and a thrilling, but silent, off-road experience with zero emissions.


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