eGO Vehicles Launches Electric Cycle

eGO Vehicles, Inc. , has launched the eGO Cycle2.

Providence, Rhode Island – August 22, 2002 [] Electric vehicle manufacturer eGO Vehicles, Inc., has launched the eGO Cycle2. The eGO Cycle2 gives consumers increased range, performance, comfort and cargo carrying capability with no compromises in practicality or price. The product is eGO Vehicles’ next generation Cycle after the successful launch of the original eGO Cycle in January of 2002. “The eGO Cycle2 is truly viable high-quality personal transportation. It represents a significant achievement in the electric vehicle industry by being the first and only product to solve the functionality concessions consumers have experienced with other electric vehicles. The eGO Cycle2 is a new transportation choice that is practical, yet takes you on an adventure even when you are just running errands – it makes the mundane exhilarating,” said Andrew Kallfelz, President of eGO Vehicles. Community residents, students, commuters, and progressive business users find the eGO Cycle2 is a large step beyond the reliable, high-performing platform of the original eGO Cycle. With its 25-mile range and top speed of 23 miles per hour, the eGO Cycle2 has the best performance of any electric cycle. Now, with the new removable battery, ride without the worry of running out of power as the eGO Cycle2’s range can easily be doubled to 50 miles by carrying along an optional spare battery. The eGO Cycle2’s more powerful onboard battery charger reduces the time between rides providing a faster 4 to 5 hour recharge. An optional external fast charger provides a full charge in 1.5 hours. The eGO Cycle 2’s sleek design includes front suspension for a smooth ride, a wider foot platform for comfort and front disc brakes for stopping on- a-dime with the heaviest cargo. The cycle’s cargo carrying capability is unmatched and can be customized with a broad selection of cargo accessories, including saddle bags, collapsible rear baskets, a removable front basket, and a tow behind cargo trailer. It can carry a total of 250 pounds of rider and cargo on-board, and an additional 100 pounds of trailer cargo. Narrow handlebars and center-mounted headlight make the eGO Cycle2 easier to transport in subways and park in bike lockers. At a retail price of US$1,399 (plus shipping), the eGO Cycle2 is the best value of any electric vehicle available. Made of anodized aluminum the eGO combines elements of a bicycle, moped and scooter, and sparks images of classic 1950’s design. The eGO Cycle2 is a street legal vehicle that can be registered as needed, anywhere in the U.S. The simple controls, large wheels and a low center of gravity, make the eGO Cycle2 safe and easy to operate for people of all experience levels.


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