Editorials Slant Against Energy Bill

As the comprehensive energy bill H.R 6 undergoes final debate in the Senate, the Democrats released this list of November 20th newspaper editorials on the bill.

Washington D.C. – November 21, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] USA Today: “Congress forgets promises made in blackout’s wake” November 20, 2003 Battleboro Reformer: “It’s time to shift gears” November 19, 2003 Billings Gazette: “Energy bill lacks critical balance” November 20, 2003 Boston Globe: “A polluted energy bill” November 20, 2003 Brunswick Times Record: “This energy bill is appalling” November 19, 2003 Buffalo News: “Oil and Grease: Energy bill fails country as it dispenses favors to industry” November 20, 2003. Cape Cod Times: “Misused energy” November 20, 2003 Des Moines Register: “The MTBE Outrage” November 20, 2003 Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Coming up short” November 20, 2003 Great Falls Tribune: “Senate should stall Energy Policy Act of 2003” November 20, 2003 Jackson Clarion-Ledger: “A p-perfect bill: Pork, Parks, Politics, Pollution” November 20, 2003 Lakeland Ledger: “Senate: Derail The Energy Bill” November 20, 2003 Las Vegas Sun: “Mixed bag on national energy plan” November 18, 2003 Lewiston Sun Journal: “Proposed law is lousy legislation” November 19, 2003 Memphis Commercial Appeal: “Pork barrel bill not worth the energy” November 20, 2003 Missoula Missoulian: “Energy bill uses tax dollars for fuel: Legislation larded with massive subsidies is a parody of effective energy legislation” November 20, 2003 Nashua Telegraph: “Rushing energy bill bad way to set policy” November 19, 2003 New Jersey Star Ledger: “Defeat GOP energy bill” November 19, 2003 Orange County Register: “Energy bill a waste” November 19, 2003 Palm Beach Post: “A powerless public” November 20, 2003 Phoenix Arizona Republic: “Energy overload: Overstuffed bill has it all – except coherent national policy” November 20, 2003 Portland Press Herald: “Senators’ support will help sustain filibuster” November 19, 2003 Poughkeepsie Journal: “Push change in energy bill” November 20, 2003 Roanoke Times: “Energy independence? Not from this bill” November 20, 2003 Sacremento Bee: “Spend now, pay when? Medicare, energy bills break the bank” November 20, 2003 Salem Statesman Journal: “Congress gobbles up all-pork energy bill” November 20, 2003 Salt Lake Tribune: “Out of gas,” November 19, 2003 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, “No-energy bill” November 19, 2003 Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Unsinkable offshore survey” November 20, 2003 Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Pull the plug on this energy bill” November 20, 2003 Springfield Republican: “Energy bill a real gas for power producers” November 18, 2003 St. Petersburg Times: “No power to the people” November 20, 2003 Towada Daily & Sunday Review: “Energy bill not in best interests of consumers” November 20, 2003November 19, 2003 Wichita Eagle: “PRESENTS: Congress’ energy bill is a big giveaway” November 20, 2003 Yankton Press & Dakotan: “Overall, New Energy Bill Takes Us Nowhere” November 19, 2003 Compiled by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (202-224-4103), with assistance from National Environmental Trust (202-887-8814). The full editorials are available at the link below.
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