EDFEN Releases Solar Development Update

EDF Energies Nouvelles’ has released its latest update on its solar photovoltaic activities, reporting that installations nearly quadrupled during 2009 from 20.8 MWp to 80.9 MWp.

Overall, capacity in service or under construction at year-end 2009 came to 219.7 MWp, compared to 49.9 MWp at end-2008, the company says, exceeding its target for the year of 100 MWp to 150 MWp in service or under construction.

During the second half of 2009, EDFEN commissioned 53.3 MWp for its own account, mainly in Italy, Canada and France, including some large ground-based facilities, such as the La Roseraye plant on Reunion Island (10.5 MWp) and the Arnprior plant in Canada (23.4 MWp).

In France, the ground-based power plants at Sainte Tulle (4.1 MWp) and Manosque (3.9 MWp) were also commissioned in the Alpes de Haute Provence department while in Italy, the 3.1 MWp Santa Sofia facility entered service in Umbria, along with seven other plants with capacity ranging between 0.8 MWp and 1 MWp.

In addition, the group sold ground-based and roof array projects as part of its activities, including the 5.1 MWp ground-based Mangassaye facility commissioned on Reunion Island and 11.6 MWp in roof array projects in France (on industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings).

At 31 December 2009, group solar capacity under construction for its own account and for third parties came to 138.8 MWp, up from 29.1 MWp at year-end 2008.

Most of these projects are located in France, Spain and Italy. EDF Energies Nouvelles’ concludes by noting that its objective of having 500 MWp in net installed capacity by year-end 2012 is currently on track.

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