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DynGlobal California Corp.

DynGlobal California is pleased to announce that it has developed and begun marketing an advanced, innovative generation of PV solar panels.  DynGlobal’s DG 300w PV panel has abandoned the framed glass panel used to reinforce the stability of the breakable solar cells and has jumped hypothetical third generation technology with a photon conversion rate of 31 percent in monocrystalline cells.  DynGlobal’s Robert Hill, has formulated an advanced generation of strata which does not rely on back sheets, top layers of glass or a heavy aluminum frames.  DynGlobal has obtained independent testing lab results which exceed third generation conversion rates of 31 percent.  The independent testing lab confirmed that the DynGlobal design “…exceeded Queisser-Shockley limit of 3rd Generation Solar of 31% (n>31% theoretical limit).”  The lab confirmed DynGlobal’s innovative technology exceeded 40+% efficiency of photon conversion to electrons.

DynGlobal’s CEO, Vern Wright stated, “DynGlobal’s DG 300w Solar Panel is an inventive advancement in “green renewable technology” which will  contribute to the Administration’s goal of reducing the nation’s reliance on fossil fuel energy.  DynGlobal’s technology is significantly more innovative than the PV solar market dominated by Chinese manufacturers.

DynGlobal also plans to contribute to the success of the nation’s war against terrorism by providing solar- harvesting plates.  The “DG Solar Shield,” which is worn on the back of a warrior’s ballistic plate carrier, provides 12v/ 24v of power, enabling soldiers to recharge all types of field equipment.  DynGlobal also provides proprietary batteries for the warrior with sustainable power for use 24+ hours per day.  DynGlobal’s solar generators produce power, providing energy in 1,000w; 2,000w; 3,000w and 5,000w field units.  Thus reducing logistical and fuel costs by converting the sun’s energy to usable power for warrior, command & control, and support operations. 

Asked if DynGlobal had received funding or loan guarantees from the Department of Energy or other US Government Agency, Mr. Wright stated, “DynGlobal has not sought, nor received any funding, grants or loan guarantees from the US Government or the American tax payer.”  However, DynGlobal is working with the DOE and DOD to provide new solar harvesting technology for the benefit and defense of all Americans.

DynGlobal’s technology is “Patent Pending” with the US Patent and Copyright Office and in other countries.

Technical Data:

  • Power:                 300w
  • Cell Type:            Monocrystalline
  • Dimensions:       74” x 42”
  • Weight:                                >30 lbs.
  • Thickness:           1/4”
  • VOC:                      32
  • Efficiency:           40+% (proprietary)
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Hail Resistant
  • Wind Resistant: (120MPH +/-)
  • Dust, Salt or Sand Storm Resistant
  • Scuff and Scaring Resistant
  • Water Proof


A. Vernon (“Vern”) Wright


DynGlobal California Corp.

1139 Baker Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92626-4114

Telephone: (949) 205-4383

Attn: Robert Hill

Telephone: (714) 829-9780



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