DynGlobal Announcement and Invitation

DynGlobal Announcement and Invitation

DynGlobal invites existing tactical vest makers and ballistic carrier vest designers to

cooperate in retrofitting warrior equipment to include Solar Harvesting, Cabling Systems for

six (6) power attachments and six (6) data transfer attachments located on the front panel of the

plate carrier to provide power and data transfer through a low profile cabling system which is constantly

powered by DG’s Solar plate and Personal Power Management System (“PMS”).  DynGlobal provides proprietary Li Po battery backup in 60w/120w/180w/240w to power units during night ops or to provide power to squad members. Each 60w battery weights 14.3 oz.













DynGlobal Announces Field Solar Powered Water Purification Units.


DynGlobal Announces Field Solar Powered Water Purification Units which will purify “found” field water

to high levels of purity and transform found water into Potable drinking water without the need to transport water from an FOB or Support Facility to supply drinking water and water for cooking or hygiene to the War Fighter. 

The cost of transporting potable water to the front has been quoted to be $50 to $400 per gallon.  Whatever the cost of transporting water to the front, DynGlobal’s found field solar powered water purification systems reduces that cost and the consumption of diesel fuel to transport the water to the front.  DynGlobal’s filtration and purification systems remove bacteria, cysts, toxins such as arsenic, lead, mercury, uranium and uranium isotopes.  The units are available in 100 gpd, 500gpd, 1,000 gpd, 6,500 gpd, 15,000 gpd and scalable to larger systems.


Add solar 100 gpd and water cooler.









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