DOT Approves Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage

April 23, 2004 [] The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved the transport of hydrogen in metal hydride storage systems for portable applications, according to Texaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems (TOHS) who manufacture their own metal hydride storage systems. This approval represents an early step to the advancement of the hydrogen economy as it now enables customers across the United States to receive shipments of hydrogen fuel products ready to be plugged into a growing array of hydrogen-fueled devices. Although DOT has granted previous shipping exemptions for specific metal hydride products, this new exemption is unique in several ways according to TOHS: It authorizes the manufacture, mark, sale, and use of metal hydride hydrogen storage systems applicable to the family of portable canisters currently under development at TOHS, allowing hydrogen storage capacity up to 1300 standard liters. The exemption also authorizes re-qualification by ultrasonic inspection, effectively extending the service life of a metal hydride canister well beyond the 5-year limit of previous exemptions.
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