DOE Teaches Hydrogen Economy in School

January 30, 2004 [] On Wednesday, February 4, 2004, a top U.S. Department of Energy official will introduce key concepts of the “hydrogen economy” to middle and elementary school students in Denver, Colorado. Carl Michael Smith, Assistant Secretary, Energy Department’s Office of Fossil Energy, will introduce activities and the study of hydrogen technology through classroom activities that include demonstrating a model car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. To help prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers in the disciplines of hydrogen and fuel cells, the Department of Energy is promoting the study of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in schools. The DOE said scientists believe hydrogen will someday become the world’s main source of energy, replacing oil and other fossil fuels. The press release did not go further on how the hydrogen would be produced, whether from renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal, or what appears to be the DOE’s preferred direction using “clean” coal, natural gas, and nuclear. The event will take place at Rishel Middle School 451 S. Tejon Street Denver, Colorado 80223 303-777-4436.
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