DOE Selects SkyFuel to Develop CSP

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program (DOE/SETP), announced that it is awarding SkyFuel, Inc. a $435,000 grant to develop its advanced Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) system known as the Linear Power Tower (LTP) for utility-scale solar thermal power plants.

The LPT is a, high-temperature linear Fresnel system that is regarded as the most promising new CSP concept currently under development. The DOE/SETP grant provides funding for the next generation CSP system. With the DOE’s support SkyFuel plans to deploy the LTP by 2011.

“We are deeply appreciative of the Department of Energy’s support for concentrating solar power. This grant comes at the right time not just for our R&D program but also for the marketplace,” SkyFuel Chief Technology Officer Randy Gee said. “Electric utilities and their customers throughout the Southwest are clamoring for clean, carbon-free, affordable, on-demand solar power. The Linear Power Tower with molten salt storage is the kind of system that could meet this need.”

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