Diversified Energy Starts with Governors

Western Governors adopted a resolution to explore opportunities that will develop clean, secure and diversified energy systems at the annual meeting of the Western Governors Association. They set a goal of 30,000 MW of clean energy by 2015, and a 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency by 2020.

Santa Fe, New Mexico – June 25, 2005 [SolarAccess.com] Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Dave Freudenthal of Wyoming, will serve as the governors for energy policy. Recommendations from the participants at the North American Energy Summit will guide the governors’ efforts. A working group will be formed to determine how to reach the energy goal, and ensure the region has the necessary generation and transmission capacity. Representatives will come from environmental organizations, state and tribal air quality agencies, the private sector, federal agencies, and even from Mexico and Canada. “This region has a unique opportunity to develop clean energy to fuel our growing economy,” said Richardson, who is the WGA Chairman. “We have an enormous potential to improve the efficiency of energy use. The West also has the highest quality solar, wind, and geothermal resources in the nation, and this clean-energy initiative will determine the steps needed to take advantage of this unique opportunity.” The initiative will build on traditional energy resources in the western states, while advancing the development of clean energy. The project will stress incentive-based, non-mandatory approaches that will help states achieve clean and diversified energy goals. Federal assistance will also be used to help the effort achieve its goals. Schwarzenegger said, “California has historically been very aggressive in promoting renewable energy and the highest efficiency energy standards. We have proven that cost-effective efficiency programs can help reduce overall energy use, protect our environment and save consumers in the long run. I think it’s fantastic that my fellow Western Governors came together today in this bipartisan spirit to affirm our mutual commitment to a clean, diversified energy future throughout the West.”
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