Dispatchable Wind Technology Company Raises $5,000,000+

General Compression, Inc. has closed an initial round of funding for more than $5,000,000 that will be used to accelerate the development the company’s dispatchable wind technology.

“This round of funding is a tremendous vote of confidence by the investment community in General Compression’s patented compression technology and the disruptive economics of dispatchable wind power,” said David Marcus, CEO of General Compression. “With these resources, we will continue to build out our team and execute on our development plan.” This company’s Dispatchable Wind Turbine System has three components: a compressed air wind turbine, a pipeline network that collects and stores compressed air, and a power plant of expanders and generators. When the wind blows, lift is created on the turbine blades, spinning the compressor inside the nacelle. The compressor pumps air to over 100 atmospheres of pressure and sends the air down the tower into an underground network of high-pressure pipes. The high-pressure pipeline network collects and stores 6-12 hours of energy. If the project is sited near a geologic feature such as a salt dome, aquifer, limestone cavern, or depleted gas field, energy storage times can exceed weeks and even months. “By enabling wind farms to store and sell power at peak hours,” said Don Hodel, Chairman of wind developer Summit Power, and a founding shareholder of General Compression, “General Compression will dramatically improve the profitability and market potential of wind power.”


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