Demonstration Fuel Cell is a Peak Power Shaver

[] Telecommunications in southwestern Connecticut are going to test 5 kW of hydrogen power as a back-up solution over the next two years. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund is supporting a US $890,000 demonstration project for Proton Energy Systems to design, build and conduct a demonstration of a 5 kW Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC). Proton is working with Emerson Network Power. Emerson will lead the installation of the system, and will provide the enclosure that will house the RFC technology for the duration of the demonstration project. Proton’s UNIGEN RFC system, will offer a peak shaving/Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) backup power system for voice and data network equipment. The system will serve as a peak shaver for the local grid during high congestion periods while using off-peak power to produce hydrogen fuel.
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