Demand for Solar in Germany Prompts More Production

The high demand for solar power equipment has prompted Solar-Fabrik GmbH to open a second production facility in Freiburg.

FREIBURG, Germany, DE, 2001-10-08 [] The company will also establish a new subsidiary in Mombasa, Kenya, called Solar Innovation Ltd, to service the market in eastern Africa with German solar equipment. Officials say the new facility has strong support from the Kenyan government, which has suspended import duties on solar power systems. Solar-Fabrik has a 40 percent stake in the subsidiary, with the balance held by Mombasa resident Peter Gessler, a German ex-patriate who is the subsidiary’s CEO. The German firm now is based at two locations in Africa in response to growing demand around the world for solar photovoltaics. The new Kenyan subsidiary designs and installs off-grid PV systems for homes, schools and clinics, using modules and inverters from Solar-Fabrik, together with the Solar Home Stations it has developed in Freiburg. Two billion people lack access to electricity around the world and photovoltaics is viewed as an economic alternative to rural electrification. Officials predict that the total capacity of PV module production around the world will grow from 300 MW last year to 1,000 MW by 2010.
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