Delay for Zero-Emission Vehicle Program

January 16, 2003 [] The California Air Resources Board (ARB) proposed new changes to its Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program on January 10, delaying the start of the program until 2005. ZEVs are battery- or fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles that produce no air emissions while on the road. In the new proposal, the ZEV program will begin in 2005, and hybrid vehicles and vehicles with gaseous storage systems will earn partial credits regardless of the fuel efficiency they achieve. Automakers will be able to meet up to three-quarters of their ZEV requirement by selling these “advanced-technology partial ZEVs” or “AT PZEVs” through 2011. The estimated result (compared to the 2001 amendments): by 2011, 36 percent more AT PZEVs will be sold in the state, but the number of true ZEVs sold will drop 57 percent, to a total of 20,800. A public hearing on the latest proposal will be held on February 27.

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