Database Covers State Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Policy

A new database from Fuel Cells 2000 catalogues initiatives, policy and partnerships in the fuel cell and hydrogen arena. It includes stationary fuel cell installations, hydrogen fueling stations and vehicle demonstrations in the U.S.

The District of Columbia and 47 states all have some sort of fuel cell or hydrogen legislation, demonstration or activism in place. It is hoped the database sparks activity to bring fuel cells to commercialization and the hydrogen economy to realization. The database, which is a work in progress, includes installations, vehicle demonstrations and hydrogen fueling stations known as either open or already ended. Updates, edits and corrections are welcome. For a comprehensive state-by-state analysis of state programs and incentives that specifically include hydrogen, fuel cells and zero emission vehicles, see “State Activities That Promote Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Infrastructure Development” report at For planned hydrogen fueling stations and planned stationary fuel cell installations, see “Hydrogen Fueling Station Chart” and “Worldwide Stationary Fuel Cell Installation Database,” respectively.


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